30 oz. Pasta Bowl (Set of 4)

The design inspiration comes from natural rocks such as marble and granite. The designer combines the inspiration with ceramic craftsmanship to give the tableware a more natural color. Double craftsmanship: inner kiln changed glaze, outer frosted glaze, unusual glaze craftsmanship contrasts with mottled colors, each piece is slightly different, full of artistic beauty.


  • With the unique design of double-sided glaze, inner kiln change glaze and outer matte glaze, each piece is slightly different, the glazed surface is smooth and shiny, with a plump black rim design which enriches the visual appeal and artistry
  • Made from more carefully selected, prepared, and blended dense stoneware, twice fired at high temperatures to make it strong, hard and nonporous. More durable than other kinds of pottery and earthenware. It can also stand up to the heat from a microwave, or dishwasher.
  • FDA-approved, lead and cadmium free

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